• Great News for Cyprus Permanent Residency Seekers
    The Council of Ministers has revised the Cyprus Fast Track Permanent Residency Scheme under Regulation 6.2 (“Cyprus PR”), making the Cyprus PR even more attractive to potential investors. The investment criteria continue to be in place, therefore, applicants who wish to acquire the Cyprus PR must satisfy the following:- Purchase property of value €300,000 Plus […] readmore
  • Why should we pay attention?
    While it may seem at first that UKIP’s relaxation on immigration issues is a boon for those who are attempting to relocate the UK, does it actually create cause for worry? We know that at its heart, UKIP firmly stands behind an independent, isolated United Kingdom that will withdraw from the European Union completely and […] readmore
  • What does Nigel Farage’s U-turn on immigration caps mean for lawyers?
    ‘Confusion’ seems to be the buzz word du jour in Nigel Farage’s UKIP party. Just days after reaffirming his party’s commitment to a fifty thousand a year immigration cap, Farage has back peddled, claiming that such a number is unreasonable and that UKIP will not mandate these kinds of ‘arbitrary targets’. Perhaps Farage and the […] readmore
  • Canadian immigration launches new entrepreneur visa stream
    The new Canadian immigration minister Chris Alexander has announced a new stream of the Start-Up visa program. A Start-Up visa allows an entrepreneur to apply for a Canadian permanent resident visa if he can raise backing for his business scheme from C... readmore
  • UK announces simplified visa process for Chinese applicants
    A senior minister in the UK government has announced measures to 'simplify' the procedure of applying for a UK visa for people from China. George Osborne, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, was speaking during a trade mission to China.... readmore
  • Negative reaction to UK immigration bill
    A range of voices have criticised the UK government's immigration bill which was announced by the Home Secretary on 10th October 2013. The bill has united lawyers, doctors, unions and, astonishingly, the UK Independence Party in opposition.... readmore
  • UK immigration introduce new visa application forms
    The UK's immigration authority introduced new forms for many visas on 1st October 2013. Most of the new forms are to be used for applications for most visa applications made in the UK under the UK's five tier points-based visa application system.... readmore
  • UK MPs say asylum system is ‘under strain’
    A committee of MPs has warned that the UK's asylum system is 'overburdened and under severe pressure'. The Home Affairs Committee scrutinises the work of the Home Office which employs immigration staff in the UK. It has said that there are unacceptable delays in the system.... readmore
  • New Zealand allows students greater work rights
    In an attempt to attract a greater share of the world's international students, New Zealand education minister Steven Joyce and immigration minister Michael Woodhouse have announced reforms of New Zealand's rules governing students' work rights while in New Zealand.... readmore
  • We can help you with your US and UK student visas
    A new survey of the world's top universities has found that 28 of the top 100 are to be found in the United States and a further 17 are to be found in the UK. There are also four Canadian and seven Australian universities in the top 100 as well as one in New Zealand.... readmore
  • UK’s chief immigration inspector says e-Borders has ‘some way to go’
    On Wednesday 9th October 2013, the UK's chief inspector of immigration and borders, John Vine, issued a highly critical report about the UK's e-Borders programme. The report says that the programme is not yet complete ten years after being announced and has 'yet to deliver many of [its] anticipated benefits'. The report has been censored by the UK's Home Secretary Theresa May on security grounds.... readmore
  • UK government unveils new immigration bill
    The UK's Home Secretary, Theresa May has revealed details of the Coalition government's immigration bill which should be passed this autumn. Mrs May appeared on various television and news programmes to publicise the bill which she says will 'make it harder for people who are here illegally to stay here'.... readmore
  • New rules on studying in UK welcomed by English teachers
    Teachers of English as a foreign language are welcoming changes to the immigration rules announced by the UK's immigration minister last month. On 6th September 2013, Mark Harper issued a statement outlining a range of changes to the rules among which was a new provision allowing people in the UK on visitor visas to carry out short courses of study.... readmore

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