Why should we pay attention?

While it may seem at first that UKIP’s relaxation on immigration issues is a boon for those who are attempting to relocate the UK, does it actually create cause for worry?

We know that at its heart, UKIP firmly stands behind an independent, isolated United Kingdom that will withdraw from the European Union completely and slam shut its doors to citizens from former and current commonwealth nations. This is unlikely to change, and it is a fact that keeps the party on the fringes of the British political fray.

However, with their first ever seat achieved in Clacton Upon Sea just this past fall, a public relations make over, and now this seeming relaxation on immigration caps and targets, could UKIP be attempting to soften their often racist messages in order to gain more mainstream votes?

There is no doubt that this is a power play – and that increased power for UKIP could spell disaster for those with a desire to immigrate to the UK.


 What would a UKIP future look like?

If we are to believe statements made in the past by Farage and his party, the UK ruled under UKIP (or even with UKIP winning more seats) could be a nightmare for immigrants. First of all, the types of people allowed to launch an application would be drastically reduced.
Farage himself has made lengthy statements about his frustration that the UK currently permits immigrants that he finds less than ideal. He has said, “the vast majority of British people want change, they want us to control not just the quantity but crucially the quality of who comes to this country. We want sensible controlled numbers of people who come to this country, people who have skills and trades that will benefit this nation”

People who have not got criminal records, people who have not got a life-threatening illness, and people who when they come bring with them medical insurance.”

While this may sound reasonable at first glance, one must remember that it would be up to UKIP to decide who fits into their narrow rubric of those who would “benefit this nation.” Elderly parents, children suffering with disease and those denied an education due to poverty or discrimination – say goodbye to their chances of entering the UK.


What does this mean for immigration lawyers and consultants?

If Farage’s UKIP party keeps to their word and agrees to abolish their fifty thousand per year immigration cap, this could ostensibly be excellent for immigration lawyers, immigration consultants and their myriad clients. If the other political parties in the House of Commons notice that the UKIP is backing down from ridiculous caps, they may feel less pressure to advocate for similar caps and immigration will continue as usual. This is good for the UK, as high numbers of immigrants have long made this country strong, and will continue to do so in the future.

However, if this is a ruse and a political strategy solely designed to win UKIP more seats, UK immigration lawyers and consultants could be very busy indeed over the coming months and years. With more clients being turned away and more advocacy necessary, what is now a fulfilling and exciting service that truly helps people could transform into regular heartache.


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